Our Technology

Providing a timely, effective and high quality service to our clients


In order to enable us to provide a timely, effective and high quality service to our clients we believe in using the most appropriate and up-to-date software relevant to our industry, along with the reliable backup, support and expertise needed to maintain such systems. Software packages used by Mauri Experta include:

  • Pacific Fund Systems

PFS-PAXUS is an integrated application system intended specifically for use by the hedge fund administration industry, unlike other applications that are in use in the industry which were intended for banks or conventional fund management situations. Major gaps in existing systems such as multi-series unit pricing, partnership allocation, administration and management fee calculations, hurdle rates and equalization are all supported by PFS-PAXUS. The integrated PFS-PAXUS system consists of a securities module, general ledger module, share registry module, corporate secretarial module and reporting modules, and features a high level of security.

  • Pastel Evolution & ERP

Pastel Evolution is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package that gives us an integrated approach to control all elements of our operating environment as well as our relationships with clients, suppliers and employees. The extensive range of features and functionality of Pastel Evolution, complemented by a number of add-on modules, provides us with a flexible approach to the management of our growing business. Beyond the core accounting and business management functions, the add-on modules give us the ability to adapt to new functionality as required.

  • Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a cloud based end-to-end IT Solution that helps us manage our operational efficiency, quality of service, security and data confidentiality.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and hosted in Microsoft Datacenters in Europe, the solution caters for all our business needs ranging from business development, to company administration, compliance, and operations. The solution is geared towards empowering employees to focus on quality of service, accuracy and effective response time. Backed by Microsoft Security and Confidentiality standards, the platform uses encryption to protect our data.